We’re giving ourselves a makeover!!  We have big plans for a new look!  Last summer we began the transition – new pallets were installed on the west wall and new shelves were built. This summer we chose a soft new paint color for the east walls and more pallets were constructed. It’s a work in progress, and we’re about half way there, but we are loving the new look We’ve been busy in our big cooler as well. Matching pallet pedestals were built and we’re building new shelves in there, too !

Due to the shop being ” under construction”  we are offering 30% off our entire marketplace.  And that’s not all, we have two shelves of items that are redlined and those items are 70% off!!  Lucky you!

We are so very proud our 600 square feet of retail space. It’s small, but packed with style!  We have a great selection of gifts including Outlaw Soaps, wooden signs for your walls, wind chimes, many lovely hanging ornaments for your patio, items to place in your garden or plant, memorial stones, vases, pots, wine accessories and so much more. Just like last summer, we’re headed to the big Vegas gift show in August to re-stock the shelves for the fall season. If there’s an item you wish we would carry, but don’t at this time, let us know and we will be on the lookout !