We started the name of the day campaign quite some time ago, but we’ve recently been seeing the impact it’s making, both on our Facebook page and in our community.  We’re loving the traffic it brings in our door , meeting so many new and friendly faces, and the way it makes people feel.  So, we’re going to tell you a little bit about the name of the day campaign and why we do it.

First, Bobbie’s Flowers wants everyone in Arizona to look to us as the go-to florist for delivered bouquets, weddings, funerals and every other occasion.  We’ve been in Tempe for 68 years and we want to be around for more than 68 more years!  We believe that flowers are for every day, not just special occasions, and we love the way giving flowers makes people feel !  And this campaign has been shared so much, it’s making people feel great!

We do have some expectations.  First, we want you to share – share the name with everyone you know that has the name.  And share when you come pick up the bouquet.  We want you to check in on Facebook when you’re in our shop, so make sure to bring your phone.  Take a selfie too if you want, but we are asking you to please check in on Facebook.

Our name of the day campaign is not intended to make anyone feel bad or feel left out.  But, cut us a break too, we can’t just give unlimited flowers away- which is why we give a deadline of 5 days for pick up.  For some reason, we have people that get angry because they’re out of town or they can’t make it within 5 days.  We’re sorry, but it’s a free bouquet. Keep following and we’re likely to call the name again soon!

Now, we want to add a fun little twist because we wouldn’t want our followers getting bored seeing a different name each day, we want to have a contest to see how you style your bouquet and how you display your bouquet.  Do you mix in some greens and babies breath to make it a little more substantial or do you do something unique with it?  And do you display it at home or at work, in a family room or break room?  We would love to see your photos.  When you share these photos, please tag Bobbie’s because, like always, we will be selecting two winners, one for how you style your bouquet and one for how you display your bouquet.  Share on Facebook, share on Instagram, share, share, share!  We will pick a winner on September 5th, right after the holiday.. If you post on Instagram, use this hashtag #Bobbiesfloralchallenge

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