We are very excited to start teaching classes.  We believe flowers are for everyday, not just for special occasions.  To test our readiness, we invited a group of local bloggers for a dry run.  We showed them our marketfresh wrap program and educated them on transferring wrapped flowers to a container.  We worked with Melissa Moore of Stylista Fitness who is an excellent collaborator and was able to rally a great group of bloggers to attend.

Melissa at our blogger class


Since we have four work tables in the shop, we limited our attendees to eight which was the perfect number.  We prepped eight marketfresh wrapped bouquets, one for each blogger, and outfitted them with all the necessary supplies to turn their wrap into a gorgeous arrangement.

Paula, the expert

The class was led by Paula, and after leading the bloggers through the cooler and explaining that the flowers come directly from the growers in California and how important that is to the quality and longetivity of them, they got started..  First, the bloggers were asked them to sort their flowers and Paula guided them in separating them into 3 distinct groupings: focal flowers, secondary focals and filler/pods/greenery. After taking them through the initial greening of the mason jar containers that were provided for them, the ladies were enthusiastic about designing their own creations.   They were taught how to cut the flowers, how to guide them into the vase and what order to put them into the arrangement to make it look it’s best.  After the ladies were satisfied with the results of their creations, they were able to take photos, ask questions, have some yummy snacks and mingle.





We got lots of positive feedback for the bloggers ( we don’t know who learned more, or who had more fun!) and we think we’re ready to roll it our to our customers. It was fun learning more about the world of blogging and what ladies are looking for when it comes to flowers.  They also shared some of their tips on social media.  We were thrilled with all the Instastories and posts by the bloggers.  Here are each of the bloggers Instagram handles.  We hope you’ll check out their posts and read about their thoughts on the event.

Bobbie's Flowers

Going forward we plan to offer some educational sessions like this to teach you how to take a wrapped bouquet and make it into a gorgeous vase arrangement.  Our next event will be held Saturday, August 26th, 2017 , here at the shop form 11 am – 1 pm, and here is a link to sign up.

We are always open to suggestions about fun and informative events we could offer.  Some suggested were:  creating flower crowns, mother/daughter events and bridal tutorials.  Please feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments!

*Shout out to photographer Jacqueline of Jacqueline’s Wonderland as well as these bloggers: Stylista Fitness, All The Prettys, Truly Ney, The Foxy Kat, The House of Mag, Life With Mar, Laci Leigh…It’s a Lifestyle.*